Did TBS Strong-arm George Lopez Into Supporting Conan?


In the six days since TBS announced that Conan would make the cable network his new home, George Lopez, that other guy with a late-night show on TBS, has gone out of his way to welcome Conan. Not only did he pretty much beg Conan to join TBS, but he said he emphatically declared himself a member of Team Coco. You can't be much more supportive than that.

But since this is show business, it can't all be wrapped up with a nice bow. So it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that "Page Six" is now reporting that Lopez was basically strong-armed into moving his show to make way for Conan. According to the report, TBS told Lopez, who wasn't keen on moving his show, that if he didn't welcome Conan his show would be canceled after this season. Even worse, TBS has made it in Conan's interest for Lopez to fail since Coco's company gets to develop new programming if Lopez Tonight is ever canceled. TBS has denied the report, and we'd like to think it's not true either. The budding bromance between Conan and Lopez is downright adorable.

Did George Lopez fake his support for Conan? [Page Six/NYP]