Diddy Is Managing Nicki Minaj Because Lady Gaga Felt Threatened?


Other than giving us an excuse to write a headline featuring three of the Internet’s most favorite people, a new report on Nicki Minaj offers a peek into some bumpy music-industry machinations. According to Billboard, Minaj, the next great hope of female hip-hop, is now being managed by Diddy. But entering Diddy’s warm embrace was a tricky two-step process. First, Minaj had to fire her former manager Debbie Antney, who also happens to be the mother of all-time-dumb-rap-name champion Waka Flocka Flame. (There was speculation that issues with Antney led Minaj to drop out of Rihanna’s high-profile Last Girl on Earth tour, but Billboard says Minaj dropped Antney before leaving the tour, so who knows what that was about). Then, Minaj was supposed to acquire the services of Troy Carter, Lady Gaga’s manager. But when Gaga heard the news, she allegedly threatened to leave Carter if he took on Minaj. Scandalous! So is Gaga just worried about her employee spreading himself too thin? Or is she specifically concerned with Minaj and her spotlight-stealing potential?

Also, since when is Diddy managing people again? (The report confirms that Rick Ross is now under Diddy’s control, as well.) We guess he’s reverting back to his pre-all-purpose-Ciroc-pushing-mogul days? And if Minaj does break out, as all indications suggest, where will that move Diddy on our list of music’s greatest mentors?

Diddy Reportedly New Manager Of Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross [Billboard]