Dinner for Schmucks Trailer: Rudd and Carell’s Unlikely Bromance


The trailer for Dinner for Schmucks, the remake of the 1998 French film Le diner de cons ("The Dinner for Assholes," basically), stars Paul Rudd as a corporate striver who has to participate in a strange company tradition in order to get a promotion: attending a dinner that requires each guest to bring a "schmuck" for everyone to make fun of. Steve Carell is, obviously, Rudd's schmuck of choice (Zach Galifianakis stars as another schmuck-to-be). We're going to reserve real judgment for the red-band trailer for this (hopefully) R-rated comedy, but we do like how they made Carell's character a more original schmuck (he makes dioramas with dead mice and breaks everything he touches) than they could have. One big criticism, though: Just as a trailer for a movie about a monster should never show the monster, a trailer for a movie about a dinner shouldn't show the dinner — especially if the dinner includes a cameo by Jeff Dunham.