Eclipse Trailer: Hot Vampire Action


A new trailer for The Twilight Saga premiered on the Oprah Winfrey Show today, and it does its best to convince that Eclipse is an action movie. It's unclear why anyone would think the Twilight audience wants to see an action movie more than a Bella-Edward-Jacob threesome, but, nonetheless, there will be action. Whereas the first trailer was all love triangles and fighting for Bella until her "heart stops beating," the new trailer is all vampire war. An army of the undead, led by a zombie vamp whose really creepy surprise tactic is to lead a cadre of bloodsuckers out of a scummy pond, is descending on Forks, Washington. Bella, a particularly chalky Edward, his family, Jacob, and his gargantuan werewolf posse are there to take them on, more or less Braveheart style. Dakota Fanning does some nice work with her hood, and Bryce Dallas Howard knocks over a tree, but dramatically. See? Action.