Eddie Murphy: ‘My Cool and Edge Are Gone’


It was a frank and thoughtful Eddie Murphy whom we encountered at the Shrek Forever After premiere that kicked off the Tribeca Film Festival last night. Shrek is a domesticated man now, we pointed out. Can Murphy, who plays the movie's Donkey, relate to him in that way? “I'm not married — I was married,” he shared. “But now I'm kind of like a single dad for a week, then my wife gets the kids, then I'm like a bachelor for a week. It goes back and forth.” So which half of him seems to be winning out — the bachelor or the single dad? “I’ve lost a lot of my cool and edge, I think,” he admitted, shaking his head. “I don’t know. I think my cool and edge are gone.” But fans of challenging, adult humor want to know: Where did it go? “You know, I think I’m onto some other place. Whatever my edge or cool was back then, I’m onto some other area. I don't know what it is.” Is there any hope? “You know, I'm thinking about getting into stand-up, to see what comes up!” For once, Mr. Murphy, we hope you're not joking.