Can a Twitter Campaign Save The Sarah Silverman Program?


The Sarah Silverman Program is probably over, with tomorrow's season-three finale (reportedly starring Ed Asner as a Nazi) most likely the series finale. The fact that season three almost didn't happen (Comedy Central's sister network, Logo, contributed to the show's budget to keep it from being canceled) coupled with Comedy Central's bizarre decision to suddenly move the show from its 10:30 p.m. Thursday time slot to a midnight graveyard (and stop showing reruns — at all) midway through the season don't bode well for the acquired-taste comedy. And Brian Posehn, who plays Brian on the show, had some pretty final-sounding words about the series in an interview with TV Squad yesterday, saying, "I think we're probably done with the show" and that he'd be surprised if a season four happened. But at least one cast member hasn't given up yet: Last night Laura Silverman, Sarah's sister both in real life and on the show, tweeted to her followers: "If you want more #sarahsilvermanprogram tweet @ComedyCentral and let them know. It's up to you! Power to the People, Right On."

A few hundred fans have retweeted the request, but oddly, no other stars of the show (all active tweeters) have weighed in so far, though they seem to be moving on: Sarah's new book, The Bedwetter, has the promise of a Chelsea Handler–size hit, and Brian Posehn's new comedy album, Fart & Weiner Jokes, comes out later this month. Posehn also doesn't rule out the possibility of a spinoff of TSSP about the show's gay characters Brian and Steve, telling TV Squad, "It's something that's been talked about."

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