First New Blur Song in Seven Years Is Literally About Recording the First New Blur Song in Seven Years


Did you line up outside of a record store early Saturday morning in hopes of buying a limited-edition seven-inch copy of Blur's new single, "Fool's Day"? Chump! On Saturday night the band made the track available for free on their website. Also, it's good but maybe not quite the return you were hoping for. Blur's first single since 2003 is literally about Blur recording their first single since 2003. To a melody that kinda recalls "(I Just) Died in Your Arms," Damon Albarn sings about waking up, eating some porridge, and riding his bike to the studio where he and his bandmates laid down this very track. Since "Fool's Day" was seemingly written in a rush (it has no chorus) on the day it was recorded, we can probably infer that Blur have not been secretly working on a new album with plans to surprise us all soon. But it sounds like they're having fun here, so don't lose hope. Listen below.