Get Acquainted With Tony Stark’s Underlings


The viral-marketing campaign for Iron Man 2 kicked off last week with the launch of, a site plugging the (fake) Flushing Meadows technology exhibition that will play a part in the movie (note its brief presence in the trailer) and with a video starring John Slattery, a.k.a. Tony Stark’s dad, Howard (his original 1974 Stark Expo is also part of the action). Those are all, we can surely agree, relevant and interesting facts and visuals for the casual-to-dedicated Iron Man 2 fan. Now, with the release of another video expanding the Iron Man 2 universe, comes the decision: Will you go down the viral-marketing rabbit hole, tracking down every bit of info thrown out no matter how most-likely tenuous its connection to your enjoyment of the actual film will be? Let the below clip — in which a representative from one of Stark Industries subsidiaries, Accutech, talks up the Iron Man–resembling HazTech Exoskeleton as if it has any other purpose than stopping evil Russian Mickey Rourke — help you decide.