Get Low Trailer: Robert Duvall Says It Better Than Lil Jon


Robert Duvall continues to be the second-hardest-working 79-year-old in Hollywood (damn you, Clint Eastwood!), following up Crazy Heart and The Road with Get Low, a period drama about a cantankerous, hairy Tennessee hermit who decides to throw his own funeral party. After Get Low, which has a killer cast — Sissy Spacek, Bill Murray, Major Dad — premiered at Toronto last September to good reviews, there was speculation that Duvall might be in the Oscar hunt: Those aspirations were either derailed by expense or the "It's Jeff Bridges Year" train, and Get Low got bumped to July. Still, all the facial hair looks intriguing, plus Bill Murray is our platonic ideal of a funeral director — is there ever a better time for a dry wit? — and we're looking forward to the "Get Low" remix with Duvall chanting, "It's time for me to get low."