Hollywood Buying Every Robot-Themed Short Film It Can Get Its Hands On


Are you an unknown commercial director with an interest in robots and the ability to fill five minutes with dazzling, low-cost special effects? This is your time! A few months ago, Uruguayan director Fede Alvarez got a deal with Mandate Pictures to turn his robot-filled short film Ataque de Panico! (Panic Attack!) into a full-length movie. Now, Fox and Warner Bros. are fighting over the rights to The Gift, a new short by commercial director Carl Erik Rinsch, which also features a robot in a starring role. (Gift was made as part of an experiment by TV-maker Phillips in which five different filmmakers were given money to make shorts using the same dialogue.) Rinsch was once tipped to helm the upcoming Alien prequel, with Ridley Scott producing, before Fox decided to make Scott direct it himself. Those studio execs must be kicking themselves now that Rinch has made a five-minute movie about robots. Click to watch!

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