Holy Rollers Trailer: Oh Hello, Hasidic Jesse Eisenberg


Jesse Eisenberg had his biggest commercial success with Zombieland, and his upcoming Aaron Sorkin–scripted, David Fincher–directed, and Justin Timberlake co-starring Facebook movie, The Social Network, already has the streets talking. All of which is to say that it’s a good thing the folks behind Holy Rollers — the fact-based drama about Hasidic kids from Brooklyn smuggling drugs in the late nineties — grabbed Eisenberg before he got too famous to make random Sundance movies. So, yeah, Rollers will most likely be a blip toward bigger and better things in the dude’s career trajectory, but the trailer’s certainly worth three minutes of your time. Justin Bartha, Q-Tip, and Ari Graynor are in it as well, but it’s pretty tough to focus on anything other than Jesse Eisenberg’s mesmerizing peyas.