How to Train Your Dragon Box-Office Victory Boon for Dragon Puns


As we previously noted, the animated movie How to Train Your Dragon won the weekend box office, in its fourth week of release. This was good news, not only for DreamWorks and people who like animated Vikings, but also for fans of tortured dragon puns! If you hadn't heard that dragons can fly, soar, breath fire, and singe, well, it's not the fault of the people writing How to Train Your Dragon headlines. Get your fill, because the Carey Mulligan–David Fincher adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo isn't going to be out for awhile.

"Dragon Wings It Back to No. 1‎"
"Dragon Flies Back to No. 1"
"Dragon Flies to Top of Box Office"
"How to Train Your Dragon continues to soar at US box office"
"Dragons Soar, The Losers Lose"
"This Dragon's Got Wings. #1 At The Box Office Again.‎‎"
"Dragon Lights Fire to the Box Office"
"Dragon Still Breathes Fire At The Box Office"
"Dragon Keeps Firing at Box Office"
"How to Train Your Dragon Scorches At Box Office"
"Kick-Ass Singed by Dragon?"
"How to Train Your Dragon burned the box office"
"Dragon Proves Tough to Slay"
"Train Your Dragon claws back to top box office"
"Dragon stays ahead at box office by a snout‎‎‎"