Christopher Nolan’s Inception Poster Goes Down a Familiar Street


Christopher Nolan's upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio–starring Inception poses something of a marketing challenge in that it does not feature Batman and nobody understands what the hell it's about (it still looks awesome, though). How can Warner Bros. subtly make clear to audiences that this is a new movie from the guy who reinvented the superhero movie two years ago with the billion-dollar-grossing Dark Knight? Well, last night, via the movie's confusing viral alternate-reality-game website thingy, the studio released the poster ...

... and it looks not unlike the one from The Dark Knight. Clever! We'd imagine as the movie's July 16 release date gets closer, though, WB's marketing will get less subliminal. Look for Leonardo DiCaprio to show up at the Inception junket growling and wearing bat ears.

Update: Oops! A commenter points out below that the previous Inception poster also looked like the one for Dark Knight's. The next one will probably just have the Batmobile on it.