Iron Man 2 Will Still Make a Ton of Money Despite Bad Early Reviews


The first reviews of Iron Man are in, and, yikes. The Hollywood Reporter jumps right in, snarking, "Well, that didn't take long. Everything fun and terrific about Iron Man, a mere two years ago, has vanished with its sequel," going on to dis the pacing, the plotting, and the number of villains (too many). Variety, slightly less incensed, remarks "Iron Man 2 isn't as much fun as its predecessor, but by the time the smoke clears, it'll do," before harshing that "the beats here are more familiar, the pacing more uneven" and "the new pic feels more duty-bound and industrial." On the other hand, Harry Knowles loved it, and it's on track to make Scrooge McDuck kind of bank. [HR, Variety]