Is That Aziz Ansari on the New E-40 Song?


Bay Area hip-hop elder statesman E-40 recently released a double album, Revenue Retrievin’, that caught our eye thanks to a real-deal, legally cleared Björk sample. But does Revenue have another equally nutty guest appearance to its name? Take a listen to the single “Nice Guys,” for which a video has just been released. Specifically the chorus. Is that … could it be … just maybe … popular stand-up comedian and Parks and Recreation cast member Aziz Ansari?! It kind of sounds like him, right? (We’re not just losing it?) Seeing as the official track list makes no mention of him, and assuming that devoted rap fan Ansari would be the first to announce such a groundbreaking collaboration, we’re going to assume E-40 and Aziz haven’t yet joined forces. They probably should, though, because “Nice Guys” is a total jam.