Jason Segel Wrote a Song for Russell Brand


If you’ve been watching the slow death that is this season of How I Met Your Mother, you may have forgotten that Jason Segel — the guy relegated to food jokes and general wackiness — is awesome. Here is a reminder: “Bangers Beans and Mash,” the Segel-penned smash for Infant Sorrow, the band fronted by Russell Brand’s relapsed rock-star character Aldous Snow in Get Him to the Greek. The connection, of course, is that Aldous Snow originated in Segel’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where he sang the brilliantly dumb “We’ve Got to Do Something.” “Bangers” — a brokenhearted power-rock ballad — is even better. Sample lyric: “And I know that you won’t come just for the cash/will you come for my bangers, my beans, and mash?” This is already our second-favorite Jason Segel song about girls.