Jay Leno Has the Oldest Audience in Late Night


NBC has a lot to be happy about now that Jay Leno is back in his 11:35 time slot. Not only has his average audience increased more than 50 percent over Conan's, but The Tonight Show is back on top of late-night ratings. But something else has gone up since the switch that NBC might not be so psyched about — the median age of a Tonight Show viewer.

The median age of a Tonight Show viewer has jumped more than ten years to 56 years old. That's the oldest in all of late-night. Not that the other shows have much younger audiences. Letterman's median viewer is 54 while Jimmy Kimmel's and Craig Ferguson's is 52. Over on Comedy Central, Jon Stewart has a median viewer age of 49 and Stephen Colbert's is 37.

Viewer Age Rises With Leno Return [NYT]