Jonah Hex to Be Released on Time, Insists New Jonah Hex Poster


Well, they have to put it out on June 18 now. Last night, Warner Bros. debuted the final poster for their troubled Josh Brolin–starring steampunk Western, which still doesn't have a trailer despite its fast-advancing release date (which this poster is sticking to). So what, though? Who says you have to start hyping your comic-book movie a year in advance just because all the other studios do it? It's not like we have plans yet for the weekend of June 18 anyway. Plus, the noxious buzz has movie blogs like ours scrutinizing every new piece of marketing for Hex like it's Batman 3 or something, so maybe this is all just part of some clever plan. What does this poster tell us? Seemingly that if you laugh at John Malkovich's hilarious costume, Megan Fox's insane cleavage, or the film's silly tagline, Brolin will shoot you in the face with a crossbow. So be forewarned.