Jonah Hex Trailer: It Exists, Finally


The mythical Jonah Hex trailer is here, and despite being late, it does a passable imitation of a big summer movie, delivering explosions, guns, and Megan Fox's décolletage. Also, provided: Megan Fox's southern accent (despite this being a Western) and the realization that you will have to watch Josh Brolin talk with a flap of skin hanging over the corner of his mouth for the entire film, and never, ever get a chance to tell him to go to the dermatologist, or at least slice that thing in half. Despite all of this, the trailer's not a total disaster: John Malkovich is playing a creep (and providing Jonah Hex with a whole new creation myth), Josh Brolin is doing his very best growly voice, and for a second you can see a nonexplosive special effect where a raven crawls out of a dead guy's mouth. Way to go, Jonah Hex! You have pushed back the next batch of rumors about your mediocrity to your release date