Justin Bieber and Drake Team Up at the Juno Awards, Forcibly Remind Us They Are Canadian


Hey, did you know the Juno Awards (a.k.a. the Canadian Grammys) were last night? Us neither! But a certain performance served as a sobering reminder. Halfway through Stratford, Ontario, native Justin Bieber's strange, semi-acappella rendition of “Baby,” Toronto’s Drake came out to do one of the worst surprise guest verses we’ve ever heard. Maybe we’re being a bit harsh considering he probably wrote it 45 minutes before performing it, but “I just want a woman that looks 30 when she's 81/Please don't give it all away, I hope that she could save me some/Justin, why don't you tell them where your baby's from”? Really? More notable, though, was the implicit reminder of the ungainly team-up broadcast: Right now, both the most popular tween pop star and the most popular new rapper in the country are Canadian. You may have overlooked it so far, consciously or otherwise, but it’s time to face facts: Canada is owning our airwaves.