Kanye West Debuts New Music! On The Cleveland Show!


A few months back it was brought to our attention that Kanye West would be guesting on Family Guy spinoff The Cleveland Show, playing Kenny West, an aspiring rapper that bullies young Cleveland Jr. Well, folks, the future is now: check out a clip of Kanye flowing, in animated form, from the show's May 2 episode. It's a slightly choppier version of his usual style — plus he has to be mean to Cleveland Jr. in character, which is awkward — but other than that, it's pretty dope! Seriously, we like "It's Kenny, sipping Henny, rhymes slicker than Teflon/I still been hot (as stew been hot?) I'm the black Zac Efron" better than any of the rhymes from 808s & Heartbreak.

[2.45 in, and via Nah Right]