Kate Gosselin Fights Back! ... With Angry and Terrible Dancing


Okay, so maybe we and the commenters are in disagreement over Dancing With the Stars guest Charo, but here's something about the show that we can all agree on: Dancing is not really Kate Gosselin's game. And yet, unfortunately for her, she's put herself in a situation in which she's foolishly marching about a stage in front of 23 million people each week. Last night, given the task of "telling a story" via hoofing, Kate announced that she was going to dance to Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi," and in doing so, channel her anger at those pesky photographers who keep her, you know, famous. An acting coach was brought in to help Gosselin embody her rage. It did not help.

Oh, Kate, what the heck are you doing up there? The acting lesson done, she used her newfound training to ... well, furrow her brow a lot. Dressed in the Halloween version of a starlet, she stiffly walked in circles with her partner, Tony, who gamely played along, enacting a man who is not crying on the inside. After last week's meltdown, we thought Gosselin might tone it down and opt for good humor over drama. We were wrong! "I realize how I've been hiding behind this masked face, because it's not only survival for me, but it's survival for my kids," Gosselin says of her fame. Wait, this has been Kate holding back? That's a scary thought.