See Kim In Sook’s Spylike Photos of People in Buildings


Kim In Sook's glossy, quasi-voyeuristic color photographs of glass buildings — each containing multiple windows in which the artist has meticulously staged miniature scenarios using actors and props — sometimes recall the addictive mid-nineties computer game SimTower: The Vertical Empire (if anyone remembers that). Overwhelming in their scale and detail, her photos lure curious viewers into these ambiguously constructed narratives, which are aided by the tiniest details, like the pink flowers in the hair of a woman laying on a table with a dagger sticking out of her chest (Das Abendessen, 2005). But each building is more than just a series of fancy dioramas. Kim explores the fine line between loneliness and privacy, but more important, she's interested in our interactions with modern architecture, and how it simultaneously confines and exposes us. On view at Gana Art through May 8.