L.A. Making Sure Actors Don’t Pay to Audition


The city of Los Angeles would like to remind struggling actors that "you don't have to pay for a job interview." This week officials sent out a stern note to 200 or so casting and talent agencies reminding them that, thanks to a bill passed in January, if they make an actor pay to audition, they could face jail time and a big ol' fine. The bill was not passed to protect actors who get bilked by con men promising them their big break ("It's for an art movie, so please take off your top!"): It was primarily created to help that extra-special category of guardian, the stage parent. Variety says the legislation exists "to deal with con artists exploiting families who want their children to break into showbiz." If this hasn't already provided the setup for an episode of Bones/CSI/Lie to Me — bilked of its life savings, one member of a furious stage family commits ... murder! — it will soon. [Variety]