Last Night on Late Night: Craig Ferguson Says Conan Was Whacked


Craig Ferguson has always been hesitant to talk about the fiasco at NBC, and last night, after guest Robin Williams wouldn't drop the subject, he explained that he felt like Conan had become Joe Pesci's character in Goodfellas (prompting, of course, a De Niro impression from Williams). David Frum, now something of a Conan O'Brien figure in the conservative movement, appeared on The Colbert Report and explained why the current GOP strategy of repealing health-care reform is mathematically impossible. Needless to say, he probably should have made his argument on a show where the host listens to facts. On his show, David Letterman ran into some trouble operating his iPad, and on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Ricky Gervais confronted Fallon's awkward interview style instead of suffering through it as most guests do. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.