Last Night on Late Night: David Letterman Tastes J.Lo’s Latest Perfume


It wasn't surprising that David Letterman spritzed Jennifer Lopez's latest perfume into his open mouth last night — after all, he said he liked the scent very much. What was surprising was how much of it he put away, as he managed to spray himself and his guest several times before ending the bit. On his show, Stephen Colbert subjected George Will to relatively similar torture by questioning the soundness of his ideas, which prompted the revelation that Will ends his days by looking in the mirror and "softly congratulat[ing]" himself. (This image is made more enjoyable if you imagine him removing his bow tie as he does this, a worn look on his face.) Across the aisle on The Daily Show, Representative John Dingell stopped by with the gavel that presided over the passing of both health-care reform and Medicare, and Jon Stewart put it to an equally noble use. Finally, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Billy Dee Williams tried to cash in on Larry King's divorce with yet another round of tacky commemorative plates. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.