Last Night on Late Night: Donald Glover Describes Working for Tracy Morgan

Late Night: Donald Glover on Tracy Morgan, Boss

Late-night fans know that anyone who has worked in proximity to Tracy Morgan is required by law to tell a story about him, but last night Community's Donald Glover had a fresh angle to his story: Tracy Morgan as your boss. Glover was hired as a writer for 30 Rock out of college and, according to him, the Morgan non sequiturs started on day one. On his show, Craig Ferguson dipped into another popular joke pool, and on The Colbert Report, Michelle Obama's brother Craig Robinson was forced to confront his eerie resemblance to the First Lady (he was there to promote his book A Game of Character). Finally, David Letterman brought some much-needed perspective to the hullabaloo over the new iPhone, though it was the topic of his Top Ten. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.