Last Night on Late Night: Jon Stewart Mocks David Remnick’s Caption Contest


New Yorker editor David Remnick stopped by The Daily Show last night to promote his pumped-up Obama biography, and at the end of the interview Jon Stewart turned his attention to the magazine's back page. You can probably fill in Stewart's punch line yourself, but Remnick seemed to enjoy the joke. Tina Fey spoke about her own comedic standards on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, telling of how she dismissed some sketches as "lies" in the planning phase of her return to SNL. Fellow writer Jennifer Love Hewitt visited Craig Ferguson, but her appearance wasn't nearly as entertaining as the segments that bookended it: Michael Clarke Duncan reading from Hewitt's memoir, The Day I Shot Cupid. Finally, Jay Leno teased Barney Frank about his clothing. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.