Last Night on Late Night: Kristen Bell Talks Airplane Flatulence


Kristen Bell was remarkably forthcoming about her airplane-induced gassiness on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson last night, revealing an unexpected benefit of being engaged to Dax Shepard. Bell then commiserated with Geoff Peterson, Ferguson's new robot sidekick, who apparently suffers from a similar problem as well as a limited vocabulary. The bodily-function gags continued on The Daily Show, where Jon Stewart assailed the self-righteousness of a Florida doctor who refuses to treat Obama voters. On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, a visit from The Pacific star James Badge Dale prompted an amusing story about Fallon's inability to drive a WWII-era jeep on the set of Band of Brothers. Finally, Stephen Colbert made a brief foray into the world of 3-D to celebrate the weekend success of Clash of the Titans, an experiment that probably caused more seizures than awe. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.