Last Night on Late Night: Stephen Colbert Takes On Williamsburg


Stephen Colbert pulled no punches as he ripped into New York's most annoying neighborhood last night for its low census return rate. Colbert said the number of residents who had filled out the census was "less than the number ... who have tattoos of mermaids with TVs for heads" and even held a brief interview with a hipster in his audience. That interview was still less strange than Tracy Morgan's on The Daily Show, where the 30 Rock star explained why Tobey Maguire owes him $75. In other non sequitur news, Chris Rock told Jimmy Fallon about the surreal experience of meeting Richard Pryor, a conversation that came from the disclosure that Rock is producing the new Pryor biopic. Rock had to remind himself which Wayans brother is set to play Pryor, but recognition never seems to be a problem for Christopher "McLovin" Mintz-Plasse — a blessing and a curse according to the fan-request stories he told Jimmy Kimmel. Finally, Craig Ferguson managed to cobble together a solid joke from two tired monologue subjects: Jay Leno and taxes. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.