Last Night on Late Night: Stephen Colbert Freaks Out His Stoned Audience


Last night, while the competition made facile references to Icelandic volcanoes and Woody Harrelson, Stephen Colbert managed to put together an excellent 4/20 bit intended to kill any buzzes in the audience at home. As a conservative on Comedy Central, it was really his only course of action. Craig Ferguson weighed in on the "holiday" in his monologue, and, in an elaborate Undercover Boss sketch on his show, Jay Leno learned that his writers may not like his monologues (the self-awareness apparently ended there, though, as the show opened with a reference to "Goldman Sucks"). Momofuku's David Chang stopped by The Late Show and was immediately embarrassed by the state of his mussels. Finally, Jon Stewart got sanctimonious with Fox News. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.