Last Night on Late Night: ‘Steve’ Colbert Interviews Gorillaz


Interviewing a cartoon band can be tricky, so last night Gorillaz front man Damon Albarn dropped his animated persona to be interviewed by Stephen Colbert. Colbert, however, was enraged by the substitution, and Albarn and Gorillaz animator Jamie Hewlett had to be interviewed by Colbert's own alter ego, the deferential liberal comedian "Steve" Colbert. Someone in a media studies graduate program is probably writing a thesis about the whole thing right now. Avatars also came up on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, where Jeffrey Dean Morgan discussed, well, Avatar and the ethics of finding Zoe Saldana's character attractive. On his show, Jon Stewart questioned Comedy Central's principled stance on the recent South Park episode featuring Muhammad, and finally, Jimmy Kimmel embarrassed Chace Crawford with a chart detailing his Gossip Girl character's sexual conquests. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.