Last Night on Late Night: Schwarzenegger Thinks Leno is an Idiot


It’s not every day that the Governator himself drops by to chat. And it’s not every day that Leno can show off his (awful) Austrian accent to said Governator, though that’s exactly what he did, eliciting a “You’re an idiot” from Schwarzenegger. Meanwhile, Joe Biden isn’t the only politician with a deep founded hatred for over-sensitive microphones. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown experienced the same PR nightmare, calling a sweet old English lady a “bigot,” allowing fellow Brit John Oliver to weigh in on The Daily Show. “We're prejudiced against other Europeans,” Oliver explains to Stewart. “There's a nasty old crone who thinks Hollandaise sauce is too ethnic.” Jimmy Fallon helps audience members bond over shared experiences. And finally, Gwyneth Paltrow is surprised she was invited back to Letterman, since she doesn’t have any scandals to call her own. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.