LCD Soundsystem: Like a Drunker OK Go


After running through the official video for LCD Soundsystem’s “Drunk Girls” a few times (by the way, James Murphy on the unofficial literal-minded version that was floating around: “everything i hate in one thing! nice”), we finally figured out what it reminds us of. A warehouse? White jump suits? People getting really messy? It’s OK Go’s viral hit “This Too Shall Pass”! A few slight differences, of course: “Drunk Girls” is a little sloppier, a little weirder, and a little (presumably) drunker (also, it’s a little more helmed by famed music and film director Spike Jonze). Clearly, LCD Soundsystem didn’t have time to recruit any NASA employees to build any fancy intricately designed devices, because they were too busy picking out fireworks. Also, we doubt State Farm would have been as cool with sponsoring this one.