LCD Soundsystem's New Album Has Sprung Some More Leaks


At LCD Soundsystem’s Thursday night show, James Murphy said the band wouldn’t be playing a lot of new stuff early in the tour because "I remember being a kid taking the train two hours just to hear 'This Charming Man' only to get 'Panic.’" (This was only one of the many entertaining things he said that night). They did play a few newbies, though, including “I Can Change,” which leaked, along with another brand new song, “Dance Yrself Clean,” earlier today. We’ve gotten a chance to digest the pair, and guess what? We still really like them! “Dance” wins the immediately-attention-grabbing-lyric award for “talking like a jerk except you are an actual jerk,” but the arresting “I Can Change” — a somber, then-uplifting, then-somber again proper love song — is the track that’s won our full attention (at least for right now). Okay, now who broke James Murphy’s heart? And was she or was she not drunk while she was doing it?

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