New Hole Album Leaked, and Courtney Love’s a Bit Upset


Hole, Nobody's Daughter

Official release date: April 27, 2010

The Verdict: New music Monday continues here at Vulture: After pointing your attention to Blur’s first new song in seven years and the latest Hold Steady album, we now alert you that Nobody’s Daughter — the oft-delayed Courtney Love project, officially the first Hole album since 1998 — has leaked. Disappointingly, the development has thus far not inspired an impassioned, grammatically incorrect Courtney Twitter rant (maybe she’s cool with it because there’s only about a week to go before the album’s official release date?). On the plus side, and only appropriately, Daughter offers plenty of rage; slow and calm rage (“Someone Else’s Bed”), radio-friendly pop-rock rage (“Skinny Little Bitch”), poorly enunciated rage (“Honey”) … take your pick! There’s also the regretful, incongruously coherent “Letter to God” (sensibly, it’s the one song Linda Perry wrote by herself), the fun-loving kiss-off “Loser Dust” (okay, that one’s also kind of angry), and a surprising amount of Love alone with an acoustic guitar. And it's all delivered in her trademark sloppy, scarred, yelpy-drawl vocals. Basically, that part on album closer “Never Go Hungry,” where she goes “My wig’s on crooked and I got no shoes” pretty much says it all.