Meet Andrew Lincoln, AMC’s New Zombie-Fighting Don Draper


You love Mad Men's Jon Hamm, you love Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, and so too will you learn to love Andrew Lincoln, the lucky actor just cast in the lead role of AMC's next probably awesome original series, The Walking Dead (adapted from Robert Kirkman's comic-book series). On Dead, the 36-year-old London-born Lincoln will play Rick Grimes, a small-town cop leading a group of human survivors through a world ravaged by zombies — a far cry from the role he's probably best known to American audiences for: the guy who falls in love with Keira Knightley in the 2003 ensemble romantic comedy Love Actually. Lincoln might not quite have Hamm's looks, but he'll presumably make up for it in zombie-killing ability. Plan your crush accordingly.

'The Walking Dead' casts Andrew Lincoln [HR]