Men's Charlie Sheen Looking for $1.5 Million Per Episode


Charlie Sheen’s recent legal troubles do not seem to have had an effect on his self-worth. After People reported earlier today that Sheen wanted off CBS' Two and a Half Men when his contract expires at the end of this season, explaining that the actor “wanted to move on," a TMZ report tonight says that not only is Sheen looking to renew his contract on TV’s most-watched comedy, he’s asking for a major raise. Sheen, who could face jail time when he appears in court in July on felony and assault charges stemming from a Christmas Day fight with his wife, currently makes about $825,000 per episode. He is looking for $1.5 million per episode, TMZ says, significantly higher than the rumored Warner Bros. offer of $1 million an episode. Well, if Sarah Palin can score a million an episode, maybe Sheen kind of has a case. [TMZ, People]