Never Ask Woody Allen to Compete in Any Beach Athletics


Woody Allen set us straight on a few things when we encountered him at Atlantic Theater Company’s 25th Anniversary Gala last night. First of all, as it turns out,
Carla Bruni will have a “significant part” in his next film, not simply a cameo. Secondly, his current movie in the pipeline, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, will be at Cannes — just not competing. We asked him about that, and ... well, you can just read the exchange.

Woody Allen: I never compete. I’ve never competed in my life anyplace.
NYM: Why not?
WA: I’m just not interested in competing.
NYM: At all? You’re not interested in awards?
WA: I’m not competitive.
NYM: That’s interesting. So you won't throw your hat in the ring?
WA: No, I just like to go — my family likes to go to Cannes. They like the beach.
NYM: So you just go for the beach?
WA: [Laughs]. I don’t go for the beach. I hate the beach. My family likes the beach.

Somehow, we’re not surprised.