Nussbaum: David Simon As Irascible As Ever


David Simon's new show, Treme, premieres this Sunday on HBO, but just because critics are throwing out words like "humor" and "uplifting" doesn't mean the Wire creator's lost his edge. If you've not yet read Emily Nussbaum's profile of Simon in this week's New York, we'd highly advise you to do so. In it, we learn how he handles notes on the show from HBO ("Don’t you network me! That could’ve been a note from CBS!"), what he thinks of Showtime's Dexter ("It offends me, I have to say"), and the first line of his inaugural humor column at the University of Maryland student newspaper ("Eat flaming death, you pig dog lackeys"). Print it out if you're still at work! Then stop back on Monday morning for our recap of Sunday's Treme.

Pugnacious D [NYM]