Nussbaum on Glee’s Kurt, Edelstein on Please Give, and Anderson on Anne Carson’s Box Book


In this week's issue of New York, Emily Nussbaum reviews Glee with an emphasis on Chris Colfer's Kurt Hummel: "There's something at once original and old-fashioned about Glee's evocation of doomed drag-queen longing in a young boy’s body. Kurt isn't a sweet victim or a sassy sidekick: He's a moral mixture, seizing center stage." David Edelstein calls Nicole Holofcener's Catherine Keener–starring Please Give "an engagingly high-strung comedy about lack of empathy and the gnawing guilt that can attend it." Sam Anderson says Anne Carson's book-in-a-box Nox is "a brilliantly curated heap of scraps" worth cleaning your desk for.