Party Lines Slideshow: At the La Cage aux Folles opening, Jason Biggs Gives His Ideas for an American Pie Musical


Given last night's opening of American Idiot on Broadway, Jason Biggs says he’s already made plans for American Pie: The Musical. At opening night of La Cage aux Folles on Sunday, Biggs joked, "You know, we're trying to adapt [American Pie] right now. There's a bunch of pie slices just kind of, like, dancing around the stage, and then there's also a bunch of dancing penises. Then the big finale is that all of the penises get stuck in the pies. It’s a whole thing," he explained. "I don't want to give away too much. Michael Mayer [Spring Awakening] is working on it, and you know, the guys from Green Day." And since we caught him at the opening of a show that includes a lot of men in drag, Biggs also revealed that one time when he was in Hollywood, he dressed in drag and acted out a number from Gypsy for a charity event. He even says he wore his wife’s clothes around the house last Tuesday. “I sing, and then we have sex. I dance, and then we have more sex.” No word on whether any desserts were damaged. See more celebrity thoughts on drag and volcanoes in our Party Lines slideshow.