Party Lines Slideshow: Kristin Chenoweth, Hugh Jackman, Liza and More at Promises, Promises's Opening Night


In Promises, Promises — the revival of the 1968 musical based on the 1960 Billy Wilder movie The Apartment — Sean Hayes plays an ambitious clerk at an insurance agency who curries favors with his higher-ups by letting them use his bachelor pad for rendezvous with their mistresses. At the show's opening night on Sunday, we asked Hayes's co-star Kristin Chenoweth if someone had ever used her apartment inappropriately, and how she, as an Oklahoma transplant to New York City, had handled it. "I had some house guests who left me with some fleas from their pet," she said, "and the Oklahoma way is just to buy all new furniture. Which is exactly what I did. But I was at Ikea." See more celebrity tales of bad house guests in our Party Lines slideshow.