Party Lines: Stars Leave Their Imaginary Friends at Home for Paper Man Screening


In the new Kieran and Michele Mulroney–directed film Paper Man, Jeff Daniels's character gets some life guidance from his imaginary friend, a superhero named Captain Excellent, played by Ryan Reynolds. So when we caught up with Daniels at a screening for the film last night, we wondered what it took to bond with Reynolds as his imaginary friend on-set. "We didn't do any camping trips or 'let's go out to a movie together' or 'let's go have dinner and talk,'" he told us. "I didn't feel from my direction I had to give a damn about anything other than, 'Do the voice and be Captain Excellent for me, now get out of here.'" Mike Myers also admitted that he hasn't bonded with any imaginary friends in the past. "I didn't care for them," he explained. "It was an imaginary stalker, ultimately. At the end of it, I was like, 'Enough.'" See more non-imaginary people in the Party Lines slideshow.