Patton Oswalt Loses Another Job


Just weeks after losing a part in Broadway's Lips Together, Teeth Apart, Patton Oswalt has lost his lead role in NBC's comedy pilot Beach Lane only three days after he got it. Oswalt had been set to play "James, a slacker given the job of running a small Hamptons newspaper who hires a renowned journalist (Matthew Broderick) to help turn the paper around," but James Hibberd says he was ousted after his first table read on Tuesday. Producers have offered him another, lesser role, but we presume he'll tell them where to stick it. Oswalt was great in Big Fan and everything else we've ever seen him in, so we're not sure what the problem could be. Did he recently get a big tattoo on his face or something?

Is Patton Oswalt leaving NBC's 'Beach Lane'? [Live Feed/HR]