Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer: Did They Mention It’s in 3-D?


Milla Jovovich must be one of Hollywood's most secure actresses. She knows that no matter how her career is going, there will always be another Resident Evil around the corner. Today the trailer for the latest, Resident Evil: Afterlife, arrives. And even though there aren't any zombies, it's pretty much what you'd expect: Lots of Milla Jovovich kicking lots of ass. Still, there is one surprise in this trailer and that's the promotion of its 3-D.

First, we learn it's filmed with James Cameron's 3-D technology. Then we learn that the technology is the best there is. Then we learn that it will bring out a "new dimension of evil." Afterward, you may not remember the movie this trailer is for, but you'll definitely remember how many Ds it has — three!