Hobo With a Shotgun Casts Its Shotgun-Wielding Hobo


Legendary villain-portrayer Rutger Hauer has done plenty of acting lately, but probably not in anything you've seen or cared about since 2005's Sin City and Batman Begins. Allow him to reintroduce himself with the just-announced Hobo With a Shotgun, a self-explanatory seventies-style exploitation flick in which he'll play the title character, a homeless guy who menaces non-hobos with his trusty firearm. Jason Eisener's Hobo began as a fake two-minute trailer, which was submitted to and won a contest held by Robert Rodriguez in 2007 in which people voted on which pretend movie ad they'd most like to see turned into a full-length movie (à la Rodriguez's own Machete). And now it's actually happening — Ain't It Cool News reports that Hobo starts shooting today — so Hauer's comeback is all but assured. See the original fake (but now real, sort of!) trailer after the jump.

HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN feature starts shooting Monday ... and Quint knows who the movie Hobo will be!!! [AICN]