The New Sex and the City 2 Trailer: Puns in the Sun


Even though it seems like just yesterday that we were groaning our way through the seemingly ten-hour first movie (hey, at least we watched it), America's favorite female (and, occasionally, gay) minstrel show comes back to theaters on May 27, and today we have the first trailer that actually gives away some major plot points, like: Carrie will be tempted to cheat on Big with her ex Aidan on the girls' trip to Abu Dhabi (we liked it better, hate-watching-wise, when the film was set in now-bankrupt Dubai), Miranda and Charlotte are still boring, and Samantha has a superhuman ability to swallow her elderly pills because she's a slut. So, basically: No surprises, unless you count a cameo by Liza Minnelli at a gay wedding a surprise (we can't even bring ourselves to speak of Penélope Cruz's slumming appearance in this movie). The only question we have after seeing this trailer is: What will the gross-out scene involve? Charlotte pooping her pants in SATC 1 set the bar pretty high/low.