Secretariat Trailer: Inspiring Horse Story


This trailer gets off to a creepy start, with a woman waxing rhapsodic in bedroom voice about "frenzied excitement" and a "he" who "rejoices in his strength." Turns out she's talking about a horse. Yikes! After that first bit, the trailer settles into predictable rhythms. Based on the "impossible true story" of the race horse that (spoiler alert!) won the Triple Crown in 1973, Secretariat is two feel-good movies for the price of one: the sports movie (subset, horse racing), and the underestimated-lady movie. Diane Lane stars as Secretariat's owner, the underestimated lady in question, a mother and housewife with untold reserves of mettle and spunk, who wills Secretariat's victories into being with the help of John Malkovich, Secretariat's zany trainer. As the trailer helpfully points out, this film is brought to you by the director of Miracle, Invincible, and The Rookie, all sports movies that aim to make grown men cry. Secretariat hopes to do the same.