See a Ten-Second Clip of the Mythical Jonah Hex Trailer


Despite plenty of talk to the contrary, Warner Bros. insists that its troubled comic-adapted Western Jonah Hex is still on target for a June release. But with less than two months till then, we've not yet seen a trailer to prove that this thing actually exists — until now, sort of. A new ten-second Syfy promo touting this week's planned airing of Hex's chimerical trailer gives us a few glimpses of the film's action (they're all pretty short, so try hard not to blink): Brooding, facially scarred Josh Brolin! Megan Fox! Flamethrower! Horse with guns! Bearded John Malkovich! Crossbow! Those certainly seem like elements of a movie WB could conceivably dump in theaters on June 18 with little promotion. [Oh No They Didn't via Movieline]